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Natalie Birdsong is an accomplished entrepreneur, boasting a business portfolio that includes a salon, restaurant, and consulting company. She is a Published Celebrity Hair Stylist and Educator, specializing in the Versatile Sew-In Technique, and the Invisible Microlinks Technique. Her work has been printed in popular magazines like Ebony, and she has studied under some of the top names in the hair industry! 


Her consulting company specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs, and existing business owners, develop their brand story, and advertising message. She is a founding member of The Collective Movement, a business initiative that focuses on creating impact in the business community, through education and collaboration. 


In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, her philanthropic efforts allow her the opportunity to create change and make a difference in her community. She is a member of the Women’s Board for the Chicago Urban League, who focuses on creating and awarding scholarships for youth in the Chicago area. She is also a Founding Board Member of the South Loop Business Coalition, which focuses on bridging the gap between South Loop Business Owners and the lucrative convention and hotel markets in that area. 

“You can have anything that you want in this world, as long as you’re willing to work for it.” - Natalie B.